Chilcott: Requiem

"Congratulations to all involved in this stupendous evening, particularly to the conductor Darren Everhart whose passion for the music shone through and acted as such an inspiration to all present on this unforgettable evening."

Gill O'Donnell, Craven Herald

Fanshawe: African Sanctus

"...and I'm sure all concerned would agree, conductor Darren Everhart, whose utter commitment kept everyone together and inspired them to a great performance: exhilarating, thought-provoking and thoroughly musical."

Robert Baker-Glenn, Newbury Weekly News

Handel: Messiah

"The Choral Society's conductor, Darren Everhart, maintained excellent control over both his singers and the Philomel Orchestra."

Barrie Theobald, Reading Chronicle

Britten: War Requiem

"Pangbourne Choral Society surpassed themselves with the sensitivity of their singing, under their conductor Darren Everhart."

Bron Gonella, Reading Chronicle

Orff: Carmina Burana

"This was a performance of great energy and rhythmical brilliance that sent everyone home with a smile on their face."

Stefan Hofkes, Newbury Weekly News

"This was one of the finest performances of Carl Orff's cantata Carmina Burana that I have heard for a long time."

Barrie Theobald, Reading Chronicle

Orchestral reviews

Schubert: Unfinished symphony

"The piece was performed with skill and sensitivity so that there was real depth of feeling and differentiation in the haunting solemnity of the quieter passages and the bursts of high drama which followed."

Prokofiev: Romeo and Juliet Suite No.2

"This was a striking performance as the music ranged powerful and dramatic to the delicate and joyful."

Gill O'Donnell, Craven Herald

Composition reviews:

A Midsummer Night's Dream

"The performance was not just visually stunning, it was also beautifully scored with original music, skilfully performed to highlight the three separate worlds which became entwined."


" this new dimension is added a fantastic score, with outstanding solos and an excellent performance by the student band."

Gill O'Donnell, Craven Herald